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Type: digital art Uploaded: 2014-12-05




  • Hill's Beverly Creative 29 Jan 2017

    Good capitals in an OId English font complemented by a more contemporary sans serif font for the other text. It looks like fire in behind the lettering, clouds and sky for the background. The dark circle enhances the white outlined lettering. A job well done !

    Josiel Rodrigues 30 Jan 2017

    Thanks bro!!! This logo is very old, the new one is on my profile

  • EKA 17 Aug 2015

    great! flames and space, love it!

  • Anonymous 26 Oct 2015

    nice design

  • R:J 28 Jul 2015

    I like the ghotic stile and the colors

  • lululu174 20 Dec 2014

    youre welcome <3

  • lululu174 20 Dec 2014

    so cool *-* its like in Death Note :3

  • stephdoyle 5 Dec 2014

    Interesting use of type.

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