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Type: drawing Uploaded: 2014-12-02


My drawing of batman from the batman forever film

Challenge: KajaNijssen VS deathlouis


  • xpector 28 Jul 2015

    Very well drawn.

  • katie_luse 8 Oct 2015

    This is a really good drawing! One little note to help you grow as a drawer, try not to blend so much. Keeping hard lines will help your drawings really stand out. Overall, you did a nice job. :)

  • Hidequel ( Rtshad ) 12 Aug 2015

    The shading is very good!

  • JPW Artist 5 Aug 2015

    This is good but it could be great with a little more care with the shading. Also Batman looks like he's pouting which I'm not comfortable with.

  • CDM 5 Dec 2014

    It is an injustice this isn't rated higher.

  • Lis 2 Dec 2014

    Very well drawn. The highlights of his costume are drawn smooth. But the background is a bit rough. The logo could get some more smooth nuances.

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