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Darksiders 2

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2014-12-02


My attempt of drawing Darksiders 2 game cover/picture

Challenge: deathlouis VS Joseph kalys


  • Oscarlira 11 Oct 2015

    Luise, for some reason im blocked and cannot rate your works, do you hate me :(( lol

  • BlueSpiritWolf6 5 Jul 2017

    really nice :) Good job on the shading. Maybe you could do more Hard lines (on the shadows) To make it look even more realistic.

  • Athena Darkblood 25 Nov 2015

    This is awesome!

  • lewman 16 Oct 2015

    great detail with the scratches and other markings, shading is also really good! There is a lot of depth to this picture. The eyelashes to me look a little funky though, like the eye has it's own hairdo lol. Otherwise this is really good and i like it.

  • Distressedflower 12 Sep 2015

    So amazing!

  • Vanola 7 Aug 2015

    I haven't seen the screen yet, but this looks really cool. The iris could be a bit more detailed, but I like how you drew the skull (well, I guess it's a skull)

  • VictorRatt 21 Jul 2015


  • abel 3 Dec 2014

    wow! cool

  • Anonymous 3 Dec 2014

    cool nice details

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