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Helga Feddersen

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2014-12-01


Helga Feddersen (1930 - 1990), german author, acress, singer and comedian in a pencil drawing. She had a lot of humor, but her life was a tragedy She had been considered as an ugly woman. But in her youth she had been very pretty. She got cancer in the age of 25 and had been in hospital for an undergo surgery. Afterwards, she had a facial paralysis and her face became asymetrical. She became a comedian with that face and made me laugh so many times in my youth. She had an own theatre in Hamburg. I'll never forget her.


  • Jan Spicka 17 Jan 2016

    Strong personality, never knew her before.

  • czmanga 1 Dec 2014

    Thank´s for share boths the story and this marvelous draw! Excellent shading

  • DrDraw 1 Dec 2014

    Cool work and beautiful, strong person

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