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Challenge: marmicminipark VS hubert perron


  • Drachul 13 Oct 2016

    Incredibly beautiful, I especially like the hair. Are all of your works pencil drawings or do you use other mediums as well? In any case, very impressive :)

    hubert perron 13 Oct 2016

    Thank you infinitely .I use pencil mainly but I also use the watercolors and the acrylic and the numeric support

  • KateFrankienaBeck 1 Jun 2016

    Wow, really beautiful ♥ I love the hair

    hubert perron 4 Jun 2016

    thank you infinitely

  • marmicminipark 13 Dec 2014

    Congrats on winning the challenge !

  • Markovic Petar 23 Nov 2014

    I rarely give 5 stars, only for perfect drawings, and you my frend deserve 5 stars. Well done, nice job you done there! :)

  • Pavliot 22 Nov 2014

    Wonderful hairs! Most of artists hate to draw hairs because it's one of the most hard things. Great Job! :)

  • Anonymous 22 Nov 2014 :D

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