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Abarai Renji

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2014-11-21


One of my favourite characters from Bleach. Bare with me please, it's the first time I tried something so detailed. :-) I used 2B pencil and a black marker. Enjoy!


  • 0mgness 24 Jan 2015

    yeah i'll get around to it lol xP i'll try and get as many as the captains done as possible lol, his realistic version of me? Hmm, i dunno if that came our right lmao :X And i love Renji too, so cool :D

  • 0mgness 11 Jan 2015

    ahhh Renji!!!!! I was going to draw this guy at some point <3 .... dunno if i'll get around to it though <:L lovely drawing! XXX

  • GhostlyHobo 22 Nov 2014

    I sorta fell out of the Bleach fandom after a while, but none the less... Good job.

  • Anonymous 21 Nov 2014

    interresting :)

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