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Chinese dragon

By Lis
Type: drawing Uploaded: 2014-11-21


Old sketch I just finished. There are many mistakes in here and it is just my interpretation of a chinese dragon or so called "Lung". It fills two pages in my watercolour sketchbook and actually his horns, claws and tail are coated with gold paint. But my scanner ate all the gold :D It is also in the "mythical creature" contest - if you want to vote it there, go to the contest site. ;)


  • blvckink 28 Aug 2015

    lovely work, keep up the good work :p

  • allstarrunner 3 Dec 2014

    is your scanner a dragon? (.....b/c it is hoarding gold...yeah, i know....that was weak...)

  • BunnyFaceWolf 21 Nov 2014

    this is preety cool...I can see the effort

  • TheRaWack 21 Nov 2014

    Nice colurs :) keep it up!

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