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musical lotus

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2014-11-13


Lotus floating on water with a speaker pumping music from the Centre. Commission tattood design for a good friend of mine. His idea with my drawing.


  • Anonymous 14 Mar 2017

    rly amazing. I mean I truly appreciate it!.. :P

  • 1BloomingArtist45 31 Jul 2015

    Very beautiful! I love Lotus flowers! And the shading that you placed for it is gorgeous! I have crappy shading pencils for now (the artist loft brand bleh) the quality of pencil shadings depend on the brand as well right? ^^ anyway really beautifully drawn!

  • CDM 13 Nov 2014

    I get that....still if the headphones were plugged in .. I guess yeah it wouldnt make much sense but in the end its what the person who asks for this wants...

  • ChristallArtworks 13 Nov 2014

    Headphones aren't plugged in because if they were the music notes would be coming from them and not the speaker. As this was a commission i drew it how i was asked. Lol. Thanks for your critique

  • CDM 13 Nov 2014

    I like the subtlety of the notes and other musical symbols . I am somewhat curious though why the headphones are not plugged in. The shading is smooth enough. Good effort.

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