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10 Albums from Dream Theater

Type: painting Uploaded: 2014-11-11


Ten simbols from the first 10 Albums of Dream Theater You're Beautiful When You Don't Talk (animated lyric video)

Challenge: TimRe VS HargorSPdate


  • Crystal Jones 3 Jan 2016

    Nice ^^

  • Wingedog 31 Dec 2015

    Cool look with the white against black!

  • InkRose 12 Nov 2014

    I enjoy the concept and layout of this simple but interesting piece. I enjoy the texture that gives this piece a scratch board feel to it. I do love the overlapping of the fingers and threads over the white and black area in the corner. I will say however the I would like to see more variety in shading and more lighting.

  • Day-Dreamer17 11 Nov 2014


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