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Leopard 1 Model A1 A2, production late 1994

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2014-11-06


Made after a technical image of the respected German main battle tank the Leopard 1.


  • kitten_500 7 Jan 2016

    Very nice details

  • Joseph kalys 18 Dec 2014

    Good. Also from stories. ;) That i've been doing myself.

  • Joseph kalys 18 Dec 2014

    This piece of would be rare, but almost i cannot do that myself. Lol

  • HenningBlom 7 Dec 2014

    The detail is INSANE! :O

  • BvonBogdy 7 Dec 2014

    Detaliu, detaliu, detaliu...foarte tare!

  • lenjaminbang 1 Dec 2014

    Awesome like alwais :D the details, the contrast, the writing, the hole tank... Everything's awesome! Really nice work dude! :')

  • Infecto 28 Nov 2014

    Damn, those details, I am impressed!

  • Oru 26 Nov 2014

    kind'a looks like it's levitating, but it forces you to focus on the tank. nice strategy, sir ;)

  • JayKid 12 Nov 2014

    so much small detail great job

  • Anonymous 6 Nov 2014

    Satan's watching you :D

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