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Croatian Manuscript-Vase

Type: painting Uploaded: 2014-11-05


Wow the designs are very unique. I can tell that the flowers are the main thing in the picture and the colors you used really equal out the whole piece. I can see that the flowers are in the vase that is designed with all kinds of textures and patterns. You really used textures and patterns very well in this piece and it gives it an equal look. I also saw in some of the other flowers you added more color and shading like the blue ones on the right side. That gives the flower more interest. The only thing I would say is that the vase is a little to interesting. There are a whole lot of designs and patterns that I kind of got mixed up what it was. Just a little tiny thing maybe that's just me :) Over all great work!


  • valeblandi 5 Jul 2015

    Digital art?

  • Artistlizard101 11 May 2015

    I think this piece is very unique, colorful, and creative.

  • Anonymous 5 Nov 2014

    That's creative :D

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