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parasite eve fanart

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2014-10-28


tribute to one of favorite games ever done with prismacolors


  • rezelsheft 6 Nov 2014

    Been a hundred years getting back to ya but thank you for the feedback :) Yeah, I could've done some things different; I realize their heads ain't really all the same size, sorta made little Ben look like an alien too. And hell Eve wasn't swollen up til the end of the game sorta, but I figure I'm gonna be drawing more, maybe work on foreshortening arms for sure :p But yeah, I do appreciate it :) Just got a gel pen and started using that to do shiny surfaces, bunch of new stuff I wanna try in the future.

  • The Scorpion 28 Oct 2014

    i like the concept of the illustration, the use of the colour, i think the anatomy could be better, but whatever very well, 5 stars...

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