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Angry Hulk

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2014-10-28


This is a drawing I made this april but I absolutely love the Hulk! The image is taken from a screenshot in the 2008 Hulk movie where Hulk was played by Ed Norton. The scene is right when Hulk fights the military the 2nd time when he looks through his shields he just picked up to defend himself against Blonsky's grenade launcher. I didnt went for a realistic (which I usually do for my drawings) look for this one but more of a comic look.


  • blvckink 25 Sep 2015

    amazing tones and shading :D very good work!

  • Oscarlira 21 Aug 2015

    Great, color combination is awesome and expresion is outstanding

  • lovelyguentah 21 Aug 2015

    great style!

  • tiny G 24 Aug 2015

    Great coloring! Only thing I would shade some of the back teeth to add depth instead all pure white.

  • HenningBlom 22 Aug 2015

    Thanks a lot Oscar! :)

  • allstarrunner 13 Aug 2015

    looks awesome!

  • MusicJam 15 Dec 2014

    i can't quite expleain why but i love how you did his teeth. the skin is "marvellous"!

  • HenningBlom 10 Dec 2014

    Thanks! Glad you liked it :D

  • pencil recreations 10 Dec 2014

    Great neat line work and colour the teeth...

  • L0n3Gr3yW0lf 7 Dec 2014

    Very nice color shading

  • hamza 7 Nov 2014


  • J.flnchi 28 Oct 2014

    Nice combination really works:)

  • Pifas drawing 28 Oct 2014

    hey hey teh incredible hulk nice pick

  • Anonymous 28 Oct 2014

    Awesome drawing! And I really like the way you used the colours! :)

  • Anonymous 28 Oct 2014

    That's an intense expression, love it. The green and yellow seem to go well together as well. (:

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