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As The Dust Settles

Type: painting Uploaded: 2014-10-27


As The Dust Settles by Carissa Rose Prints available on etsy: Facebook: IG: @misscarissarose


  • Crystal Jones 15 Sep 2015

    Nice colors ^^

  • Merlina 6 Oct 2015

    Beautiful work !

  • SML 19 Aug 2015

    i love the way you splatter colour in the rightt places in your paintings ; w ; and the way you make eyes is so damn beautiful!!

  • Riverartist 8 Dec 2015

    very beautiful! I love the colours :)

  • hgardin 11 Aug 2015

    Very expressive and bright. The cooler tones really add shape to the face and nose. and the eye has a nice realism that balances the abstract nature of the colour splatters. The style of the lips doesn't seem to fit as well with the rest of the piece. They seem very hard edged compared to the more gentle watercolour feel of the rest of the face. However, you may have been deliberate in that contrast.

  • 1962Joker 4 Aug 2015

    i like strong colors u use

  • EKA 19 Jul 2015

    so much colors, yet she seems sad :S beautiful work .

  • charlie363 1 Jul 2015

    Very crestive style. ..great painting

  • TheRaWack 27 Oct 2014

    Awesome colours! Keep it up :)

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