The Art of Art by zujka

Art is of the utmost importance to people because they could see life through it. Social creatives such as Bob Marley, Prince, Johnny Cash and Michael Jackson are alive today because of art.

All the art that is around me is a part of me and it gives me a sense of being born again.

The words that people use to describe me do not tell you everything about me but I have to believe that the fact that I am vocal today is because I considered art important.

The more I see the better I think about things and the more I seem to understand them.

Art has taught me numerous things and makes me feel alive. That is why I began to include the word art in my vocabulary.

I think that art contains all the qualities that make the world go round.

Art encompasses art.

Art seems to make us feel, think and smell better.

Right now the world is so quick that nostalgia is projected only on the surface. But how can you name an image or a sound which just brings tears to people's eyes?

The deepest feelings can only be felt if you are connected with the character portrayed in the story or the art.

I believe in the beauty of words and their magnifying them. They come to life when they are recited by a voice that is making statements that go beyond words.

Art is intangible and gives us the ability to experience something that is dream-like and needs to be voiced.

The reason why art seems to make the world seem better is that it allows people to connect with that which is beyond the possible. Art can give beauty to imbeciles, the weak and the foolish. Art can make the downtrodden feel proud and look up.

I believe the principle behind existence is a stage presentation.

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