About us

Currently, we are a kind of small, friendly social network of art. Our members are artists from all around the world, and anyone can join with a really easy and simple registration. This website is designed for artists to share their artworks so they would be able to get some critique and advice which would help them to improve their skills. Everyone is treated equally - it doesn't matter where you are from or how old you are. What matters is that you are an artist or you like art and that means you are one of us!

Not every artist is willing to write huge comments after you posted your artwork, and that's why we have a rating system. Rating is another way to see how many people appreciate your artwork, although sometimes it can be disappointing. The good thing is, our website system is made for that purpose, because even if you get rated 1, it's better than no rating at all, it still increases your total score, and leaves many ways for you to get critique on how you can improve for future artworks. Also, if your score is high enough, one day you might be on our best artists board.

Artists can easily ask other artists to critique their artwork using our critique function. You can find detailed instructions on how to use this function in our articles corner. Even if you feel that your artwork was underrated, you can try to ask another good artist to write critique about your artwork, and maybe his/her point of view will allow you to see some places where your artworks can be greatly improved.

Also, if you think that your artwork is really good, or if you just want to try a more competitive side of art, you can challenge other artists and your artworks will go into battle, so the best artwork, or maybe I should say the best artist will win. You can challenge an artist directly or use challenge finder. Challenge finder is a great way to find someone to battle against your artwork without waiting for other artists to respond to your challenge. Since sometimes it might take just too long, because if artist's muse is away for holidays, the artist might not create any artwork during that time.

Groups are a little different here than in most art websites. Here, our art groups are competing against each other. Every night, groups are chosen randomly for ultimate battle of the day, so it's totally up to luck and your artworks because you just don't know who your opponent will be. An artist can only be in one group, because it helps to make some special artists bond with the group's members. There are no restrictions on how you should choose your group - it's totally up to you, maybe you like drawing, maybe painting or maybe you will create group with mixed art styles.

Do you want to prove that you are the best artist out there? And that your artworks are unbeatable? Participate in contest! Contests are slitted into 2 phases. The first phase is posting artworks. During the posting phase, every artist who wants to participate in contest can post his/her artwork. Once the posting phase is over, the voting phase starts where you can vote on your favorite entry. After voting is done we get the best artworks and place them on the homepage of Our Art Corner. Mostly we have 3 winning places, and the best 3 artists who won the contest will get prizes. Prizes are credits, the amount of credits depends on contest and how long contest was running.

So you ask what are credits? We have a huge article explaining the credit system in our article corner. But to explain credits briefly, they are virtual currency. The better artist you are, the more credits you will have. In other words it means the more artworks you will be able to post and more challenges you will be able to make. Most of our artists have way more than enough credits, but it's also good way to keep our artists active, since you will earn credits once you are rating other artists' artworks, voting for challenges, leaving good comments, answering questions, winning challenges. Also if your artwork gets 10 votes you will get some credits, and after 10 more you will get more credits and so on. So credits are more like a booster for active artists, and more a stimulant to rate other artworks, write comments, critiques and so on.

All this is just a small part of what our artists community can offer.

Everyone is welcome to join us. This is a totally free website for every artist out there and for people who like art.

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