Being an artist, what really matters... by me--art 1706

They worked day in and day out with great zeal and patience. They worked with their greatest performance and with perfect measurements, which had taken a long time, but, after that the world watched an emergence of a landmark(Eiffel tower), memorable of love(Taj mahal), unbelievable Pyramids etc. They are all the wonders of world.

Now think that, if we would manage to take the group of those skilled men here in today's world(with a time machine). So, what would you guess, if they would be able to work in an advance environment of automation in industries. Certainly not! Now, would we call them engineers or skilled men?

I guess, they should call greatest engineers, but, not according to today's standards. Now, the standards are changing gradually. Life is becoming fast these days, we are living in a world where nothing is possible without advance technology. We are living a life where standards have been made by men and they obviously changes with time. New books take the place of older ones. Those old engineers(artists) would not be good in today's technological environment of architecture, but, it doesn't mean that they were not the artists. They were legends but of their own times. According to this, I guess, if a person can draw a single line with perfect measurement and with his own idea to make it perfectly he would certainly regard as an engineer, but, not according to the standards today. And if a person draws a drawing of a V8 Ferrari engine with tools and learned techniques he would also regard as an engineer but obviously according to today's standards. So, won't we say that "Only standard matters, otherwise, every one is an engineer".

Keeping this nonsense explanation in your mind, now think that, if a person takes his tool of trade and performs his art. I would say that, if he introduces his/her own technique with a zeal, providing his/her greatest performance, then, he/she would certainly be regarded as an artist(without any graduation degree). To me, there is no discrimination between a self-made or a university graduate artist, but mere standards. An art might be good, better or best(depends on mental prejudice), but, I can securely say that there is no versus situation between both type of artists. So, I suggest you to introduce your own style of art, you just have to introduce your own technique while performing art. Even in drawing take any reference or imagine(as others do), but, all you need to do is to create your own way of drawing. Focus on what you are creating new, the most important thing is your new idea.

So, I was talking about the world standards which changes day by day, but, an artist remains an artist.
Conclusively I can say that "If you can introduce a new technique while performing art(even referenced), if you can consume all your mental capabilities on your art and if you can give your greatest performance, then, there is nothing to worry about standards, you are certainly an artist".

So, the thing which really matters of being an artist is what your own way to do art. Don't just copy others, but, it is important to introduce your own style of art and let others to copy it. You are a great artist, trust me.

Note: We are living in a socialized society, so, it is obviously important to respect standards(which have made to provide benefits). It is not my intention to degrade any standard. It is my responsibility to respect the university/books/teachers, for, I'm also a university graduate of engineering.

Author: Shakir Jawed

Dated: 1-10-2014

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