How To Ask For Critique by blvckink

Hey guys, this artical will show you the steps on how to ask for a critique.


firstly you will need to go to click the dropdown arrow next to your acount name and select 'My works'


next you will want to click on the image that you would like to recieve a critique


click on the image again to bring up the images page.


once you are on the page, in the top right there is a button that says ask for critique. click on it.


now that you are on the page, you can select or search for an artist that you would want a critique from,

you can also see how many critiques they have done and the star rating.


now that you have chosen the artist you would like a critique from its time to offer some pionts. anything in the range of 100-1000.


now you have done all that, you need to wait for the person to write a critique. you will be notifyed once they have wrote the critique.


click on 'here' to view the critique.


you will find your critique below your image.


once you have read your critique, dont forget the rate the critique. you will find a start rating aboth the critique ;)

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