Credit System by JohnnyBl92

The reason for having a credit system in this art website is to encourage the users to rate and say their thoughs about the art of all the other users of the site.

How you gain credits:

  1. Every vote on other users' work gives 1 credit.
  2. Every vote on a work that participates on a challenge gives 2 credits.
  3. Commenting on other artists' artwork gives 2 credits.
  4. For every 10 votes on your work, you gain credits equal to your work's rating * 10
  5. Reporting a bug gives you 100 credits, if you are the first to report it.
  6. Writing an article gives you 500 credits, if the article is chosen to be displayed on "Our Articles Corner"
  7. Inviting a friend gives you 500 credits, once he gains his first 1000 credits.
  8. Any artist can give you 1 credit for free for commenting on his/her works.

How you pay with credits:

  1. Posting a work costs 25 credits (this applies for 2 works/day. After that, the "price" will rise.)
  2. Deleting a comment costs 10 credits.
  3. You can give 10 credits(in price of 15 cedits) to a member of the website that commented on you work.

In addition to that, you can bet an amount of credits in a "Challenge" between you and another artist on this website. Anyone can vote between the two works in the challenge and the winner gains the credits you bet.

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