I found a bug(something is not working)! What should i do?

Report it via email ourartcorner.com@gmail.com and if you are the first reported that bug, you will get 100 credits. (You can use same method for questions too)

How can I participate in a contest?

Log in to your account, press 'Post your work' and then select "Contest".

How does a contest works?

Contest is divided into two parts: one part is posting and other is voting. The winner will be announced at the close of voting.

What can I do with credits?

Post your work, participate in a contest, and you can give someone credits if you like his comment.

How do I earn credits?

The easiest way to earn credits is to vote for other users’ artwork, 1 vote = 1 credit (2 credits for a challenge vote); you can also get credits for good comments and for your work once it gets 10 votes. Inviting your friend might grant you some credits too (100 credits once your friend have gained 1000) and finally you can get credits by winning challenges.

How do challenges works?

You choose your work to represent your corner and your opponent chooses their work and first work getting 10 votes is declared the winner.

How is score calculated?

Every time someone rates your work your score is increased, even if a user rates your work with a 1 your score is still increased.

Do I still own my art if I post it here?

Yes, all your works belongs only to you, and you can delete them anytime.

How can I contact admins?

Write here or ourartcorner.com@gmail.com .

I posted works but I can't see them. What's wrong?

After clicking publish you have to comment on another work and click finish. If you selected "Mature content", check your settings to see if mature content is on.

How do group battles works ?

The group leader chooses image to represent his group. And every day at 00:00 server time we randomly choose 2 groups (groups must have at least 10 members) and these groups will fight against each other for your votes. The voting period will last for one entire day and you cannot vote for your own group. At the end of the day the group with the highest number of votes will be the winner. Prize will go to group bank.

What is karma?

Comments are ordered by karma. To get it you need to send promotion as a gift to other artist, and once someone completes it your karma will be increased. Karma is decreasing by 5% every week.

What is Lucky events?

Once you are rating works you have small chance to make LUCKY RATE if you make that you will be rewarded with credits.

Once you are commenting works you have small chance to make LUCKY COMMENT if you make that you will be rewarded with karma.

What is Fights arena?

The place where our artworks fights! There are 2 works and 1 judge and all goes down to judge's decision! Judge for choosing winner gets 1 credit. After fight had been opened any user can vote if judge's decision was correct. Judge will get +1 karma every 10 correct votes.

How promotions work?

You can promote your work using our promotion system. Once you start promoting your works, it has chance to get on hourly event. Works for hourly events are selected randomly for every user. First we select works which this user hasn't comment and rated and then we randomly select one which will be hourly event for this user, if user dismisses hourly event without rating or commenting, promotion will be not deducted.

Why my promotions are stuck?

Many users are buying promotions, but not many of them are giving feedback so keep in mind it all goes down to luck. And promotions from groups has priority over promotions from individual artists.

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