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Not need to understand my drawings and photograph, it is right improvisation If you want to see other drawings which I have fact go on this link PS: I'm French, so I would do my best to understand you write in English, because that is translated by Google translator, and I'm just dyslexic

`Create a cartoon character of yourself dressed in your favorite cartoon character.`

`Darkin Revolver`


`I accepted the challenge`

`kiss kiss kiss`

`Hi ^^`

`Metaphor "Love"`

`C'est l'amour`

`Lovee :)`

`c'est l'amour dans tout son délire`

`Surrealistic landscape`

`Surrealistic n' rock ^^`


`à vous voir si c'est cool ou pas ^^`


`is one of my latest drawing`


`si ça vous plait dit le à moi ; )`

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