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Rex attacks in color

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2020-05-11


Filled this one in in color just cause I had plenty of time on my hands and added scenery..


  • dnprostudio May 12

    good ilustration

    pencil recreations May 18

    Thanks DN been away a bit but back ...thanks yet once again for comment ..appreciated .

  • snakedaemon May 12

    Hey man its been a while since I was last around with 1 problem or another but I'm back and I'm always impressed by your work I hope you'll join me on this new site , your art needs to be seen by more people

    pencil recreations May 27

    Will see about clickasnap and will let you know if I do..Appreciate your comments my man and it is great to have you back..

  • trevorp May 11

    Love the colours that you have used here Nev;- boosts the drawing heaps and it also makes the dinosaurs look much better as they look more realistic. You have got a good eye for detail as well. Keep on producing more artworks like this - and you may stop me from drawing more dinosaurs in future. Take care;- cheers Trev.

    pencil recreations May 12

    compliment accepted but hey stopping you from creating your detailed and simply exquisite works nah not gonna happen ...and I can see you enjoy and love doing it ...and yes you are right color adds dimensions to the finish I will have to work on that aspect of my art..thank you for staying in touch with our arty involvement it has added metres to the enjoyment...

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