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Stone age Hunters

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2020-04-29


Fred and Barney on the hunt for lunch...or were they going to be lunch..? just a lil pre time put together thanks to Hanna-Barbera and the last game... love the flintstones


  • dnprostudio May 2

    nice the draw for cartoon

    pencil recreations May 2

    Hi DN it was a late put together for the last game ..only entry.shame would have loved to have seen other drawings submited ..anyways it was fun to go back to the flintstones that was always a show on tv we watched as younger people....remember the jetsons ..very creative cartoons

  • DuskandDawn5 May 9

    One of my favorite shows! Thanks for sharing this work of art.

    pencil recreations May 11

    No worries<so good to have your comment on this one ...yes I watched many many episodes of the Flintstones and then the Jetsons and then the re,re ,re runs they at the time were classic...couldnt think what else to use for the stone age game..

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