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Re-Draw: AVPR: Predator Wolf #1

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2020-03-23


And finally, another redrawing with the wolf Predator came to an end (which I started on March 3, and started "coloring" only on the 16th). Well, I spent 21 days on it, but I finally finished it. For this work, I used photos from the shooting of the film. And for full details (some scars, hieroglyphs, the location of the connection of the armor cable to the mask(how else to call it...) I took the" original " mask from various sources . Because of the long "construction" of this drawing, I wanted to complete this work as quickly as possible. There are others. And all as usual, I used gel pens (black and white) and marker for the background. The main thing is that you all like this job. And see you all :)


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