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The Supervisors

Type: photo Uploaded: 2020-03-23


This photograph brought to you by the American White Ibis, making sure visitors to the Pea Island Wildlife Refuge in North Carolina stay where they're supposed to. Enjoy!


  • dnprostudio Mar 28

    well done for this photo

    Jeff Bliven Photography Mar 28

    Thank you

  • pencil recreations Mar 26

    Nice capture Jeff, yeah covid will give the birds a bit of peace and quiet far from the maddening crowd and yes they are in charge.....Checked wiki where this is and had a bo peep at the image section.....always fascinates me at the various poses these critters get up to in a photo.. Hope you are safe as we are here in our part of Australia as covid continues to ramp up...We have our share of closure happening...anyways catch up again shortly...

    Jeff Bliven Photography Mar 27

    I hope you guys get over it quicker than we will. The USA currently leads the world in active cases, and in my area of the country, we're just now feeling the effects of it. Jobs are cutting hours, businesses are losing money and shutting down, unemployment is rising... We'll be okay, but it'll be a while. As for the birds, they're definitely an odd bunch, but imagine my surprise when I saw a Great Egret and a Great Blue Heron perched on tree branches. Since they're wading birds, it struck me as odd to see one in a tree, having totally forgotten that they were birds LOL.

    pencil recreations Apr 9

    Hi Jeff,Hearing reports China is getting out of the hole they dug for themselves? but yes America is suffering big time as are France Italy Spain England here in Aussie they have closed our borders and only essentials are available and yes unemployment is up,business closing down, all sports and gyms out, down to 1.5 meters apart, up to 50 deaths, mainly age and boat people caused, but that pales to your situation.. It has to level of soon.. We have a better chance of getting over it as you say... my body clock is out of syc since my timetable has changed ..Still getting around the house jobs done slowly and finding myself on the computer more...My drawing table is laughing at me and saying, come on draw, and I can feel a spurt coming on sorry the wife has a small tree to remove and lunch is happening as soon as I vacuum and make the bed .Ahhhh!!! the joys of house life ...anyways praying for your situation stay safe....Nev.

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