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Watch Where You Step

Type: photo Uploaded: 2020-03-04


While following an animal you've never photographed before, make sure to watch where you walk. I almost stepped on this snake during the 2019 Winter Waterfowl Migration, and thankfully it didn't come after me. Just a quick warning.


  • dnprostudio Mar 10

    nice photo for this snake

    Jeff Bliven Photography Mar 10


  • pencil recreations Mar 7

    Hi Jeff ..amazing reptiles how they can hide and blend and fit into tight areas ...Been out in the bush a few years ago and walked around a clump of thick grass and avoided walking on a redbelly black curled up on the track...have had quite a few close calls over the years ...Anyways nicely spotted avoided and photographed...It appears to be a quite a biggy...

    Jeff Bliven Photography Mar 8

    Thank you! Yeah, this particular snake was pretty close to full-grown for the species around here, and I'm thankful it was cold that day because a bit warmer and it probably would have gone after me.

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