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Now It's Your Turn

Type: photo Uploaded: 2020-01-27


Following the male Mallard's lead, the two females poke their heads under the water, looking for bits of food on the rocks below the surface. Enjoy!


  • dnprostudio 30 Jan 2020

    nice photo shot

    Jeff Bliven Photography 31 Jan 2020

    Thank you!

  • pencil recreations 27 Jan 2020

    They probably are enjoying the feed jeff you certainly find different poses and subjects to focus on ..most interesting first eye contact made me wonder what they were.. ..Reminds me of a quote "if all in the room are losing their heads you will be the tallest in the room this case the ducks case, pond...(He could be a king duck and they are bowing.. anyways nice to catch up ...

    Jeff Bliven Photography 28 Jan 2020

    That's a different perspective for sure, and I can't argue with that logic. I guess it's all in how the ducks view each other.

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