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Mingo Falls

Type: photo Uploaded: 2020-01-16


Here it is, the long-awaited photo of Mingo Falls! Located just outside of Cherokee, NC on the Qualla Boundary (a land trust of the Eastern Cherokee Indians), this 120-foot tall beauty is beyond worth a visit if you're ever in the area. Enjoy!


  • dnprostudio 17 Jan 2020

    nice shot for the waterfalls

    Jeff Bliven Photography 17 Jan 2020

    Thank you

  • pencil recreations 19 Jan 2020

    Thank you for that share Jeff, your prayers and ours must be working as we have received more rain that has filled the tanks here and put out fires over a state wide area ,Dry ground lots of run off, the drought is not broken yet ,dams were at 50 % and have not heard after these rains (just under 140 ml) if they went higher but we still have a ways to go...anyways will continue to enjoy your photography, hope to stay in touch with you..nev

    Jeff Bliven Photography 20 Jan 2020

    I'm glad to hear the tanks are filling up and some of the fires are being put out. As for the photos, I'm still here, but I'm also over on trying to sell the ones I've got posted there so far.

  • pencil recreations 18 Jan 2020

    Foot note Jeff ..the drought has been bad all over Australia especially the interior regions and the country has suffered huge bushfires all through 3 states anything up to 100 plus at 0ne time before and after Christmas and loss of wildlife is huge as the loss of homes and animals ..but nature who knows we just had widespread rain dumped all over and we had 70 mls here with more to come ..we sure need more ..Anyway Jeff lovin your Photography.. keep it up....

    Jeff Bliven Photography 19 Jan 2020

    I definitely plan to keep the photography going. We've also heard about the bush fires, and we in the States are doing all the possible praying and fundraisers we can think of to help send aid.

  • pencil recreations 17 Jan 2020

    love the beauty of free falling and flowing waterfalls. bit far to travel so great to see your share the closest I will probably get...Our mount Tamborine has similar veg and falls but we have had a drought so they have lost a little majesty as have the surrounding forest ...

    Jeff Bliven Photography 17 Jan 2020

    Thanks for the favorites! I'm sorry to hear Tamborine Falls has lost some of its majesty and beauty (along with the forest), but hopefully it'll rebound with some proper rainfall. As for me, it just sucks all these wonders are so far from where I live. I'd much rather be here.

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