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Self portrait

Type: contest Uploaded: 2020-01-15


my fantasy self portrait for use for my facebook/twitter page/


  • pencil recreations Feb 18

    really hope that happens, look forward to the next time when it does...later my arty friend ...nev

    bennijssen Feb 18


  • pencil recreations Feb 17

    Really sorry to hear that, but I am glad you did ,got to see your skill... I really hope you change your mind ,your art is special … ...I just enjoy the game as it encourages me to draw on subjects I would not normally draw...hope to catch up again .. Ok..

    bennijssen Feb 17

    We'll see what comes up when i see a "contest" that sparks something.

  • pencil recreations Feb 6

    Hi ..just wanted to say that I really thought this portrait would take out the prize in self portrait ..was amazed that mine ran third ..I like the style and the linework in this as well as the composition.. very cleverly drawn..

    bennijssen Feb 8

    Thank you, i wasn't going to enter but i thought i'll give it a try and now i know that i will never enter in any contest ever again. Because everybody always says what you just said to me, so i'm given up on any contest i'll see from now on.

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