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The Driest Of Falls

Type: photo Uploaded: 2019-12-29


Hardly. This 65-foot waterfall is one of the more prolific that one can visit, or even walk under. Be warned though: People have definitely died at this waterfall due to the falls themselves and the slick rocks, so visit at your own risk. Enjoy!


  • Hyperion-Blue-GT Mar 21

    Wonderful Photo of a Waterfall. :D

    Jeff Bliven Photography Mar 22

    Thanks! I just thought the irony was cool since it's called Dry Falls and there's ALL the water flowing down it.

  • MonicaC 29 Dec 2019

    Can I use the photo as a reference for a drawing? I like it and I never draw a waterfall this photo just inspired me .

    Jeff Bliven Photography 29 Dec 2019

    Go for it. Just give me credit for the photo. :)

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