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Predator: Changing. Chp 1. page 3

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2019-11-06


"And now yautja was sitting on the roof of one of the houses clustered on the border between the busy city and the silent dark forest. As shown, the sensors in the mask of yautja in the house there were three oomans "Family" thought Ad'Nar - "Certainly the family." The meaning of this concept for him is shrouded in mystery. He not understanding why oomans need to bond with someone for life. Or maybe he didn't want to understand. Suddenly in his head came several strange idea "And that, if ?"thought Ad'Nar." -With this page, there was less difficulty in drawing. But the main difficulty was in drawing a tiled roof. art & comic's © me Autor of idea and translate © MaryQahnaarin


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