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Predator: Changing. Chp 1. page 6

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2019-11-06


"By the standards of yaut* the situation around was quite miserable-there was not the usual large number of trophies, weapons and armor, hung on the walls, risers with spears, mannequins for training. Considering the decoration of the room, Ad-Nar made an unforgivable mistake - he lost the vigilance that a good hunter was simply necessary. A sharp squeal rang in his ears. Yakut* with a jerk turned around, having behind itself frightened, pale Umanka*.She rushed into the next room, and a moment later reappeared in the doorway, clutching a large knife. Watching her blade shake, Ad'nar grinned " Stupid." art & comic's © me Autor of idea and translate © MaryQahnaarin


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