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Predator: Changing. Chp 1. page 7

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2019-11-06


"And went to the female. Slowly, wanting to trigger in it horror, morally to suppress its. Suddenly the side of the door, appeared another ooman. The male was clutching a rifle. Fear from him ,almost not breathed. Ooman fired, but did not hurt yautja at all. The bullet ricocheted off his breastplate and into the wall. Growling, Ad'Nar lunged at the male, releasing the wrist blades. Hit. and ooman's head rolled on the floor. There was a strangled squeal from his mate. Yautja do not aim carefully and shot her from Plasmacaster. The charge tore through her ribcage, sending sparks flying across the carpet." I drew this page for a long time due to the fact that I was waiting for a discount on sonnet markers...There was a discount on 3 markers from sonnet and 1 as a gift. How does saving money. And so for this page used fragments from the comic book "Bloodborne: The end of a Dream". art & comic's © me Autor of idea and translate © MaryQahnaarin


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