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Predator: Changing. chp 1. page 8

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2019-11-06


"Ad'Nar sauntered out of the house. Ooman's house was ablaze. The fire crept slowly upward. I thought of the girl. Then something clicked in his brain, startling him. At the same moment a muffled cry was heard from the second floor. Knowing that you'll regret this, Ad'Nar jumped on yet untouched by the flames of the balcony. Quickly reaching the right room, he pushed open the door and ran inside. Behind him, a section of the ceiling collapsed with a crash. Yautja ducked and almost immediately found the source of the crying. The girl was sitting beside the bed, her head buried in her knees. Without thinking, Ad'Nar grabbed her in his arms. With a sob, she clung trustingly to his chest and wrapped her small hands around his neck. Covering the small trembling body with himself, yautja wheezing, ran out with the girl from the burning house. His eyes watered, his lungs ached, and his body ached from the burns, but he was glad. Happy for this little girl. This feeling was very unusual for Ad'Nar and at the same time very pleasant." -For this work I used some fragments from the game "The Evil Within 2" and fragments from the comic book " Bloodborne: the end of a Dream" art & comic's © me Autor of idea and translate © MaryQahnaarin


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