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MORTAL KOMBAT X: Scorpion #3

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2019-07-04


well, all the good times of the day ... And yes all the same, I mastered today work with Scorpion from the game "Mortal Kombat X", Scorpion - the character of the Mortal Kombat series, first presented in the first game of the series. The real name of Scorpion is Hanzo Hasashi and he is a member of the Shirai Ryu clan. In the original chronology, he was killed by the eldest of Sub-Zero brothers, Bi-Han(Noob - Saibot). After rebirth in the Underworld, Scorpion pursued Sub-Zero for two years, until finally he could kill him after the end of the tenth Mortal Kombat tournament. I began to draw this work on 01/27/2017, but as always I gave up. And 04/23/2019 started this work. Initially, I planned to make a Scorpion on the background of hell, but the background was not set and I had to paint it in black. For work i use this picture ---> For this work, I spent a lot of time and dofiga markers! I hope you enjoy this work. Art © me Scorpion© NetherRealm studios I'm on FACEBOOK:… I'm on VK: My public on VK:


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