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Detroit. Become Human: Connor #1

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2019-06-30


Well ... all the good time of the day. and yes, I finished my work with Connor is a RK800 android and one of the three protagonists in "Detroit: Become Human ™". Built as an advanced prototype, he is designed to assist human law enforcement; specifically in investigating cases involving deviant androids. I started this work on February 5 of this year, and as soon as I closed the examination session, I immediately began this work. For work, I used this image ---> Planned initially, to make this work black and white, but then abruptly changed her mind. I know that Connor, here turned out to be very pale. (In terms of skin color) The fact is that the markers are in abundance ... * I wrote it, then I took another skin-colored marker and redrawed the picture *. But in the future, if I do it in Detroit, they will be black and white. As you can see, I did not succeed in color (my opinion). I hope that you will like this work. For work used markers and gel pen. 21.06.2019. New Update: Used a marker with the color "Power Pink (306)", thereby giving the face a brighter color. I also added more shadows at the back of Conor’s head, and with a white gel pen I emphasized the front edge of his jacket. drawing © me Connor(RK800) © Detroit: Become Human™ Quantic Dream My "Detroit: Become Human" gallery I'm on FACEBOOK:… I'm on VK: My public on VK:


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