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Springtime Splendor II

Type: photo Uploaded: 2019-06-28


These tiny blue flowers (possibly Bluebells or some other kind of flower) are definitely a welcome sight to any pollenator floating around, and they help bring color to nature during spring time in the town of Manteo, North Carolina. Enjoy!


  • dnprostudio 29 Jun 2019

    nice natural photo

    Jeff Bliven Photography 30 Jun 2019

    Thanks! I just wish I knew what kind of flower it was...

  • jasondavid 2 Jul 2019

    nice balance of light and shadows and we can smell the earth around and even hear the buzzing of flies around

    Jeff Bliven Photography 2 Jul 2019

    Thank you! I wish I could identify some of the flowers around the area, but there are thousands of them, so it makes it difficult.

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