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Aliens: Queen #1

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2019-05-22


...good day to all... And today I finished my work with the Queen of Aliens, from the movie "Aliens". I finished this work on May 13, 2019. I began to draw it, a long time ago, namely on January 27, 2016. And I still could not finish it. In fact, I finished drawing on May 7 (this year), but I dragged it out. Due to the fact that the white gel pen is over. I redrawn this work 3 times, and finally I was able to draw the final version. Of course, yes, it turned out to be very dark (the fact is, at the moment I only had a black marker. And there was no money for gray marker, so I had to use all that was). For work, I used gel pens and markers. I hope this work you like... drawing © me Alien Queen from "Aliens" movie My "Aliens-Xenomorph" gallery I'm on FACEBOOK:… I'm on VK: My public on VK:


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