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Turtle Crossing

Type: photo Uploaded: 2019-05-12


This, I believe, is the turtle (or one of them) from the "Turtle Tracks" photo I posted recently. It appears to be a Yellow-Bellied Slider (Trachemys scripta scripta), very common for the area where this photograph was taken. Enjoy!


  • dnprostudio May 14

    nice shoot for the turtle

    Jeff Bliven Photography May 14

    Thank you! I like your photos too.

  • trevorp May 13

    Wish we had turtles roaming about in large numbers here in Australia. I am fortunate to have a red eared slider as a pet.

    Jeff Bliven Photography May 13

    Mate, you're more than welcome to come up here during the winter for the annual Waterfowl Migration. As for the turtles, they're most active during our spring/summer, even though they're around all year. Stick to the marshes and wetlands, and you'll find them.

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