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Predator 2018: Fugitive #3

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2019-04-25


... good day to all ... And here is another job with the Predator the Fugitive. Yes, once we had a poll in public, which of the Busts of the Fugitive (so to speak) is better to draw. And this variant they wanted to see 3 people (and plus one more person from Facebook). And in order not to deprive 4 people, I decided to draw this option. I started this work on April 10, 2019, and finished today on April 23. I decided to do this work, in the likeness of working with the Wolf. And even more so, I haven’t done black and white work for a long time.Original you can find here ( Well, I spent 13 days on this, I hope you enjoy this work. drawing © me Predator Fugitive from "PREDATOR 2018" movie My "Predator" gallery… I'm on FACEBOOK:… I'm on VK: My public on VK:


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