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Predator 2018: Predator Upgrade #1

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2018-10-29


Well its been exactly a month since I drew an Upgrade. This predator impressed me very much. Especially after reading the book "Predator 2018"... So the Upgrade became my favorite predator. And I like his cruelty and the pursuit of his goal.The fact is that I successfully went to the movies (well, how successful, because I specifically took a day off for such a day). This predator in the film was able to arouse double feelings in me. It seems like I liked it, but it seems like I didn’t like it. I still can’t decide ... This is not the point, we will proceed to the description. I started it on September 29 and today on October 29 I finished it. Despite the exhaustion from insomnia (and I did not sleep 4 nights in a row), I finished this work... I used a gel pen and markers for my work. I hope you like this work ...)


  • dnprostudio Oct 30

    very nice draw

  • TWINS2 Nov 11

    Amazing work - also considering you almost had no sleep.. great job! ( hope you are sleeping now

  • trevorp Oct 29

    Great detailed artwork. The expression on the Predator’s face looks amazing. Well done overall :)

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