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PREDATORS: Berserker #2

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2018-06-07


Predator Berseker I wanted to draw for a long time. And again, when I reviewed the movie "Predators", I was surprised at how powerful it was. If you remember, then how he was shredded in the chest with a knife, withstood the battle against the Classical Predator, withstood the explosion from the cage of grenades into a dense one. Although most likely I was impressed by the new design of predators. And in general, what can I say about the Berserker. Berserker very very powerful predator and very interesting. Although he did not like many. ....... well, I spent 3 months on this work. This work is drawn using red and gray markers and a gel pen. Yes, I know that not everyone likes Berserker (but i like him so much) ... I will hope that you enjoy this work. drawing © me Predator Berserker from "PREDATORS" movie My "Predator" gallery… I'm on FACEBOOK:… I'm on VK: My public on VK:


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