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Mortal Kombat X: Sub - Zero

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2017-06-18


And this time, Sub-Zero! Yes, I have decided to devote my royal attention to Sub-Zero! х) Of course, I remember that my favorite character in Mortal Kombat is Scorpion. But seeing films "Mortal Kombat" and all sorts of passing game "Mortal Kombat", I realized that most prefer Sub-Zero. I started to paint it in the past year, in November. But now I finished. More by coincidence. As I finished drawing Sub-Zero, so warming started in my city. As I drew it in my town had a temperature of - 33 degrees х) Of course, I love when it's cold. BUT NOT SO COLD !!!! And maybe Sub-Zero watching me о_о That's why in my city so cold xDDDD Okay, I will proceed to the description !!!! To begin, I found one good site with busts. And I strongly wanted to draw the bust of Sub-Zero! Well, to start, I have made the main line ( Then he painted the Promarkers (pastel Pink, Cyan, Ice Gray 4 and Black). To begin, I would like to make a background with dark wood (in the trailer). But then she changed her mind. Since I have the white marker is very short. And I decided to make a dark background. The main parts I did on his face and the mask. I added his scar. Since we are now one Sub-Zero. Previously, there were two Sub-Zero( Senior(Bi - Han) and Junior (Kuai Liang)) A senior, as you may recall, was killed by a Scorpion. But then, the senior became Noob Saibot..And did little hatch on him clothes. I hope you enjoy this work !!! Original/ Sub - Zero's bust ---->


  • Anonymous 18 Jun 2017

    Nice colour combinations

    Takara45667 19 Jun 2017

    Thank you C:

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