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Mortal Kombat X: Erron Black

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2017-06-13


So well, in the first all greetings. And secondly, so I decided to start doing arts with "Mortal Kombat". And I decided to start with Erron Black. And why with him ? Well firstly he is badass :D Erron Black certainly cool, but not as much as the Sub - Zero!!!!!!!!!!! And secondly, I can quote. "He is more interesting than the other characters. Rest a bit boring, and even basic information about him a little". I'm talking to a friend when he's asked me. Why with him. And the more they reminded me, those years when I played in the "Call of Juarez" And I played this game, like 11 years ago. Ah, nostalgia. As it has been for a long time. Waaaah! Okay, let's not cry, and proceed to the description. I recorded every action facebook. Without going into details, the base for his drawings, I used a screen from the game titles "Mortal Kombat X". To begin with, I thought all draw in pencil. Stage 1: Stage 2/3: Stage 4: Stage 5: But then I thought it would be better to draw markers. This work is done markers. And it took me about 20 days. I tried to work is not particularly obscure. And tries to the background, was paler. Of course, I drew this work before, but I had to go for the markers in the art shop and spend money. For further details, I used a variety of concept art of this character. (…) But in any case, I would hope that my hours of the night (if you read carefully, I did not sleep at night because of insomnia) spent. With him, I plan to make nine more work with him. Then probably start to draw Sub-Zero, more Ermac and etc. Well, i hope you liked this work. Erron Black © NetherRealm studios. Art © me


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