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Alice in Wonderland

Type: painting Uploaded: 2017-05-01


Alice in Wonderland The Red Queen/Watercolor painting Meow :) 50x70 cm


  • Rodaina 5 May 2017

    amazing !!

    Tieff Betty 5 May 2017

    Thank you!! ^^)

  • Khobe 8 May 2017

    This is a powerful and beautiful rendered watercolor, my favorite way of painting in watercolor. Not that I don't like washes but I don't favor abusing the technique or confining the medium exclusively to that approach.

    Tieff Betty 1 Jun 2018

    Thank you so much, i'm glad you like it :)

  • codymarmon 1 May 2017

    I just want to say that this is wonderful work! The colors are vibrant, as is the character herself. And there is no shortage of villainy that shows through in this work. She almost seems to be dying to demand someone's head (as usual). Honestly, it is wonderful! :)

    Tieff Betty 5 May 2017

    Thank you so much your long comment. I really appreciate your kindness and your honesty! :) I like to hear the positive feedbacks and now you gave me one. Thank you :)

  • Anonymous 1 May 2017

    very nice

    Tieff Betty 4 May 2017

    Thank you! :)

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