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Gila Monster

Type: photo Uploaded: 2017-03-14


This here is a Gila (pronounced "heela") Monster, one of only two venomous lizards in the USA. They are native to the southwestern USA and the northwestern Mexican state of Sonora. Enjoy!


  • Khobe 15 Mar 2017

    What a strange creature, the beautiful design on it's skin is a warning like on most venimous reptiles.

    Jeff Bliven Photography 15 Mar 2017

    Yeah, there's something about bright colors that usually warns people about potential venom. Look at the poison frogs for example.

  • Anonymous 15 Mar 2017

    Interresting textures and lighting and....JEEZE THERE'S A GILA MONSTER DOWN THERE!!!!

    Jeff Bliven Photography 15 Mar 2017

    Yep, he's right there, waiting to eat something with his poisonous teeth.

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