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Shoreline Tide

Type: photo Uploaded: 2017-03-05


Going WAY back to April 2011 for this shot, taken with a super old cell phone, some sort of an LG. From this angle it looks like the water is floating over the shore as a small wave meets the one before it. Enjoy!


  • Joseph Kalys Bourque 11 Mar 2017

    Everything is basically useful when you don't have photography gear.

    Jeff Bliven Photography 12 Mar 2017

    Totally agree.

  • Joseph Kalys Bourque 6 Mar 2017

    You can have a DLY watertank that I seen. Pretty good idea with no risk, only some potential if you get it how everything goes .

    Jeff Bliven Photography 6 Mar 2017

    If I can track one down I'll try to get it. My area of the world isn't exactly exploding with photography accessories.

  • Anonymous 5 Mar 2017

    It could be better if there is meaning inside the photo.

    Jeff Bliven Photography 5 Mar 2017

    Yeah, totally agree, but think back to how long ago this was. LOL. I had no real equipment, and I thought it looked cool. Still do, but I don't want to risk ruining a $1500 camera to recreate this shot.

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