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Meme Before And After : Darkin

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2017-01-11


No need to introduce my character, But here is a very beautiful evolution of 1 year of Darkin, this character who other times was a totally improvised, has become, the most classy character and head burns Which I have drawn and which came straight out of my head, I wanted to make a man flame representing our black side in every one of us, but go and learn, it releases a class and a simplicity to draw, that I wanted to evolve, so as to represent as my alter ego that risks Every imaginable situation, Because it is immortal and I like to take risks, but it does not prevent that its creator can take liberties with him, and to make him discover all that I knew and know about the world culture, 1 years, it's amazing for me, that basically I draw you evacuated my rage from the world, so when done, I always sure of my emotions and I now love the universe I have Create and help by some, without them, there will not me & Darkin ^^


  • Anonymous 11 Jan 2017

    Is he a satanist illuminati?

    Darkin Kimiro (AV59) 11 Jan 2017

    Then it is a devil who does good while spanking evil, but it is not an illuminati XD

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