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Type: drawing Uploaded: 2016-12-01


mixed media (21,5 x 15,5 cm)


  • Tomas 5 Dec 2016

    Great work! shadings are perfect and here face and mood looks so realistic

  • guscarlet 2 Dec 2016

    Wow, thumbs up!!!!

  • Rodaina 6 Dec 2016

    lovely work

  • Khobe 10 Dec 2016

    Your way above average sensitive eye hides a no less great artistic discipline. This secret mix makes you a great portraitist_ which is rarer than most would believe. You have here an exquisite and tender artistic interpretation. Do you know master Vladimir Volegov? He has a lot of nice videos on Youtube, I think you would like his style.

  • NykuT 2 Dec 2016

    amazing ))))

  • pencil recreations 9 Jan 2017

    Beautiful detail...color and a sense of quietness...pretty subject

  • ciucamona 1 Dec 2016

    very realistic:)

  • Beudeltee 1 Dec 2016

    It is amazing what you are able to create with the media you used. Are you using a reference photo?

    bielebny 1 Dec 2016

    Thank you. I usually use the reference

  • Anonymous 1 Dec 2016

    This is wonderful :)

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