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Contest: Saeko, Come Back Darling!

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2016-10-04


This for a contest being held by someone on deviantart! I drew her OC Saeko, she's a stalker who's obsessed with her "Darling" and enjoys using scissors as weapons. SCISSORS!!! Is it bad I had a lot of fun drawing this? >.> Anyway, I'll also be doing another entry for the main contest and an entry for the mini contest ^.^ Anyway, here's the link to the contest: I do not own this character, I only own my art style!


  • Hill's Beverly Creative 2 Jan 2017

    It is bordering on the twisted. I like like like ! Would make a sweet Valentine's day greeting card. Keep up the good work !

    FaerieWarrior 5 Jan 2017

    lol thanks XD it would be quite a creepy valentines day card XD

  • Anonymous 28 May 2017


    FaerieWarrior 30 May 2017

    thanks lol

  • Anonymous 4 Oct 2016

    Very good

    FaerieWarrior 5 Oct 2016

    thanks :3

  • Anonymous 4 Oct 2016

    Nicley done:)

    FaerieWarrior 5 Oct 2016

    thanks :3

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